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sept 2023 – Craft Market at Nantes

Affiche vide grenier Boulevard Gustave Roch à Nantes - le 17 septembre de 9h à 18h

The Gus de l’Île association represents all the traders, associations and craftsmen of the Boulevard Gustave Roch in Nantes and its adjacent streets, in Nantes, with administrations, local authorities and any other associative, administrative or economic body.

The association is organizing a garage sale on September 17 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in partnership with local merchants :@pepsart.fr, @mousse_cafelaverie, @accoordnantes, @tinhikmou, @calmaempanadas, @lily_of_the_valley_kids, @creditmutuel, @les5ponts, @les_ateliers_helene

It is with pleasure that the Peps’Art artists will be present – at 39 Bd Gustave Roch – to meet you and offer you works at reduced prices 🙂

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