Elisabeth Turon

Elisabeth Turon
Visual Artist


Visual artist, I create works on the border between painting and drawing. My art questions the chaos of the world, with fantasy, by trying to tame its violence and beauty.

Member of the Maison des Artistes, I am also part of the Nantes collective of artists Peps’Art, a true incubator of local art, campaigning for the accessibility and democratization of art for all.


My work is based on a dialogue between shapes and colors that I combine in a thoughtful or spontaneous way.

Essentially abstract, my approach is sometimes punctuated with figurative touches, as if to remind us that the world is only a haphazard construction in a labyrinth of shapes and colors, which we think we know or recognize. But there also remains this space rich in mysteries and surprises to be revealed.

I instinctively create subjects and emotions that concern me and move me. I work on both single productions and series. I also work to order, using colors, patterns or figurative elements. I let myself be transported to offer a quality tailor-made work.

I use mixed materials: markers, acrylic, oil on canvas or paper. My work is constantly evolving and all supports and materials are considered or possible in my creative process.

I am open to all new collaborations: co-creation, exhibitions, custom work,...
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