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May 20, 2023 | Craft market with the “crayon de bois”

Le Crayon de Bois is doing its Super Chémar at @Wattignies !
An ideal event to meet and exchange with artists and neighbors, redecorate your home, find creations to offer, and help an artist make a living from their practice while quenching your thirst!

On the occasion of the Super Chémar Le Crayon de Bois invited around ten artists from the region, + around fourteen artists from three pillars of the Nantes associative community:

le Crayon de bois

Le Crayon de Bois aims to help artists make a living from their practice, to unite, to create convivial moments in real life, and to escape the current pattern where artists struggle to exist on the internet and in real life .

Founded on a principle of solidarity and social utility, the association aims to make art accessible to all, by offering citizens as well as people passing through a window on the artistic landscape of Nantes.

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