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June 3 to 18, 2023 | Exhibition “69” | Peps’Art Gallery

affiche exposition 69 Art Erotique - Nantes

The Peps’Art Gallery announces its first thematic exhibition which will be held from June 3 to 18, 2023. Called “69”, this first exhibition will allow the twenty artists from the Peps’Art Collective to reveal to the public their unique vision of eroticism .

A scenography has been specially designed to highlight collective and individual works.

Sensuality, freedom, fantasy, desire and love are the words that characterize the common thread of the exhibition “69”…and in this context, no obscenity or vulgarity, and of course respect and goodwill!

Commenting on this announcement, Sandrine Paillard, active member of the Peps’Art association, declares: “Beyond prejudices and always with an artistic look, the artists will offer the public something to see, hear, touch, taste and even smell …! »

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